Last year’s Illustrator in Residence returns to this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival, to talk about his remarkable graphic novel, Line of Fire. Based on the diary kept by a French soldier during the First World War, Barroux’s work provides a fresh perspective on the first two months of the conflict. He is joined by playwright and author Michael Morpurgo who wrote the introduction to the English translation, for what promises to be a very special event.

Line of Fire

One winter morning,Barroux was walking down a street in Paris when he made an extraordinary find: the real diary of a soldier in the First World War.

Barroux rescued the diary from a rubbish heap and illustrated the soldier’s words. In this striking black and white graphic novel adaptation of a 100-year-old diary, the events of the first two months of WWI are given fresh meaning and relevance to modern audiences. This is living history that has the power to engage new generations in one man’s story that is silhouetted against the historical events that formed and transformed the world we live in today.

Visit the Line of Fire website, the one stop shop for information, news, events, teaching and translation resources around this extraordinary book.

You can see Barroux & Morpurgo at The Edinburgh International Book Festival on Friday 22 August at 4.30pm