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A young girl faces an impossible task – to save her beloved France from tyrants. To free her country, Joan will lose everyone she has ever loved. But she listens to her heart and believes in her calling.


Homeless and lost in a dark, strange forest, young Robin is rescued by a motley crew of misfits. He yearns to avenge his father and seek justice against cruel oppressors, to finally defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham, once and for all.

Toro! Toro!

Antonito lives an idyllic life on his parent’s bull farm in Andalucia, Spain. But the idyll is shattered when he realises that his beloved bull calf, Paco, is destined for the bloody struggle of the bullring.

Kaspar: Prince of Cats

Kaspar the cat first came to the Savoy Hotel in a basket – Johnny Trott knows, because he was the one who carried him in. Events are set in motion that will take Johnny – and Kaspar – all around the world. Everything changes with a cat like Kaspar around, the only cat, as far as anyone know, to survive the sinking of the Titanic . . .

In the theme of Voyages, this week’s Morpurgo Month ereader offer is Running Wild, the incredible story of Will and his mother who travel to Indonesia for a new start following the death of Will’s father. But when the tsunami comes crashing in, Oona, the elephant Will is riding on, begins to run. Except that when the tsunami is gone, Oona just keeps on running. With nothing on his back but a shirt and nothing to sustain him but a bottle of water, Will must learn to survive deep in the jungle. Luckily, though, he’s not completely alone . . . He’s got Oona.

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To find out more about the theme of Voyages in Michael’s books, watch this special video and listen to him talk about the inspiration behind his writing:

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