Michael Morpurgo Month: War


It’s almost time to turn from animals to war as we look at books on the theme for Michael Morpurgo Month. From A Medal for Leroy to Why the Whales Came, find out more below.

Michael Morpurgo talks about the war in his books

Michael took the time to take us through each of the four themes of Morpurgo month. Watch him talking about Private Peaceful, Medal for Leroy and more in the war section of our video interview series.

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For each of the war themed books in Michael Morpurgo month, head to MichaelMorpurgo.com/MorpurgoMonth now for resources, reviews and more.

Not sure where to start? Try these highlights:

-Download a free extract from An Elephant in the Garden
-Get our free Little Manfred teaching resources pack
-Listen to an extract from The Mozart Question audio book

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