War Horse

Age: 9+

Published: August 2007

ISBN: 9781405226660

Format: Paperback

Other editions

  • Hardback: 9781405255431
  • Ebook: 9781405249331
  • Audio CD: 9780007357444
  • Film Edition: 9781405259415
  • Reader: 9780007437269
A Michael Morpurgo Month Pick!

In 1914, Joey, a young farm horse, is sold to the army and thrust into the midst of the war on the Western Front. With his officer, he charges towards the enemy, witnessing the horror of the frontline. But even in the desolation of the trenches, Joey’s courage touches the soldiers around him.

“Not since Black Beauty has there been a book like this one. War Horse also tells the plight of the soldiers, both German and English and the horrors that they went through. It made me cry but the ending made me smile as well. I think everyone should read it and Anna Sewell would have been proud of it!” T.J. Measures (Amazon reviewer)

From War Horse to Farm Boy, The Dancing Bear to Born to Run, Michael Morpurgo talks about the animal theme in his books.


Runner-up for the Whitbread Award

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Download our wonderful Michael Morpurgo Month poster. This version is a smaller file, perfect for slower computers!

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Download our Michael Morpurgo Month guide now

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Download our wonderful Michael Morpurgo Month poster and celebrate a book a day in November

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I have not finished yet but i am loving it all ready

I think that war horse was a fascinating book, enriched with incredible language, and a way to make you actually feel for the horses in WWI. I found the conversations in it, be German, British or French, intriguingly gripping, an I can tell that it is going to be an incredible story.

I have read your WAR HORSE it’s ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttt

Awesome books Michael.

It is the best book you will read it is amazing!

I am currently reading this book at school and although we haven’t got far into the story I can already tell the book is going to be amazing. I am very lucky because my class at school is the Michael Morpurgo class so I get to study a lot of his books and right now we are working on our entry for the Michael Morpugo Month competition. By the way happy birthday mr Morpurgo. Can’t wait to finish this book. Yay!!! smile

love the book It made me think a lot about history I hated it now I like it thanks to the book warhorse…..........

i looove this book i am a big fan of michael morpurgo but this has to be my fave!!!!!!!!!!!! i havent seen the film though :( but it is a COOL book smile smile smile smile

Sensational children’s book which the boy and I enjoyed thoroughly.  It was a little bit of a roller-coaster of a ride as every time Joey came across a nice, kind owner, they seemed to die!  But fortunately, Albert just about managed to survive until the end.  Phew.

This book is so good so far and is sad but interesting

war horse is a really good book I even felt like I was part of the story that I was there that a sign of a good book highly recommended smile

I love this book so much that i can read it 4556 million times love it when you see it

An amazing and tragic book based on the most bravest horse trying to find his owner crossing the battlefield of No Mans Land
and losing some of his friends on the way.

It’s definitely Michael Morpurgo’s best book.

I think this is really good evidence to how Michael Morpurgo is such a great author


I thought this book was amazing !  I loved the fact it was in the voice of the horse.  I am dyslexic and sometimes find reading hard work.  I was gripped by this story, which was sometimes very sad and made me cry….but I had to keep reading ! I enjoyed following the life story of all the main characters, especially the horse.  I recommend this book to EVERYONE. 

War Horse is a good book but i would recommend that you watch the play first.

I love how the book is written in the horse’s perspective !

I’m studying this book at school is so gooood

the book is very popular and   i would recommend it to my friends it is very emotional and i like Albert and   Joey and also Zoey are my favourite characters and i watched the film too War horse is the best book   ever so is the film Albert trains Joey at the farm and the Joey got sold to the cavalry then   the Germans capture him   and make him pull artillery guns then Joey goes across No Man,s Land and a British soldier find him and takes him to the trench then the general looks at his wound but he is to badly wounded and then the general is about to shoot him but then Albert stops him from getting killed and returns to the farm when the war is over, that is from the film.

I loved this book, it is happy and sad and really brings home the horror of war
any body of any age will love this book! it is so good michael morpurgo is one of the best authors ever! he writes the book as if he if joey but warning to all the emotinal readers this book will make you sad.. To prove its so good they even made a film out of it!
This is a real tug at the heart strings book which highlights all the positive attributes in both humans and animal alike.
Even for a grown man, this brought tears to my eyes !!
A fabulous book, my son thought Joey was the best horse ever which is high praise indeed