By Michael Morpurgo, Illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

The perfect gift for all ages, Pinocchio as you’ve never seen him before: telling his own story through the master storyteller and award-winning author of WAR HORSE.

“Now – there’s no point in pretending here – I was, and still am deep down, a puppet. Everyone knows Pinocchio is a puppet. I reckon I must be just about the most famous puppet the world has ever known. But the truth is I’m not just a puppet, I’m more than just bits of wood and string. I’m me. So I thought it was about time that I, Pinocchio, told you my story…”

So begins this stunningly beautiful interpretation of the classic story. Michael Morpurgo channels Pinocchio’s words to tell the famous puppet’s story in his own inimitable, cheeky and always funny way.

Lavishly illustrated throughout in black-and-white by the acclaimed Emma Chichester Clark, this is a must-have for all book lovers, and an utterly charming and surprising adaptation of a much-loved tale.

Format: Paperback
Ageband: from 8
Release Date: 24 Mar 2015
Pages: 272
ISBN: 978-0-00-751299-7
Michael Morpurgo OBE is one of Britain's best-loved writers for children, and has sold more than 35 million books around the world. He has written more than 150 novels and won many prizes, including the Smarties Prize, the Whitbread Award and the Blue Peter Book Award, while several of his books have been adapted for stage and screen, including the global theatrical phenomenon War Horse. Michael was Children’s Laureate from 2003 to 2005, and founded the charity Farms for City Children with his wife, Clare. He was knighted in 2018 for services to literature and charity.Emma Chichester Clark studied art at the Royal College of Art. She has worked as a freelancer for magazines, publishers and advertising agencies as well as teaching art for several years, but now dedicates most of her time to children’s books. She won the Mother Goose Award for Best Newcomer and has been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal.


'This classic puppet story has tended to be a little, well, wooden in the telling, but Morpurgo has made it dance.' The Times -

'A charming read, even for those who think they already know the story of Pinocchio inside out.' Evening Echo -

“A beautiful reworking of the classic story.' EDP Weekend -


”'As ever, Morpurgo's warmth and humanity suffuse a story of courage, love and hope.” - Amanda Craig, The Times

”'Passionate and touching” - Julia Eccleshare

“Morpurgo is a virtuoso at conjuring vibrant stories that draw on historical events.' The Observer Review -

”'Champagne quality over a wide range of subjects.” - The Telegraph

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