Born to Run – Collector’s Edition

Luxury collector’€™s hardback gift edition.

Joy and heartbreak combine in this bittersweet tale of a champion greyhound’€™s journey through life, from owner to owner…

When Patrick saves a litter of greyhound puppies from the canal, he can’€™t bear to hand them all over to the RSPCA. He pleads with his parents: couldn’€™t he just keep one of them? But nothing will convince them and Patrick cries himself to sleep –€“ only to be woken by a greyhound puppy licking his face!

Patrick christens his puppy Best Mate, and that’€™s what he becomes. Patrick’€™s favourite thing is to watch Best Mate running at full stretch on the heath, a speeding bullet, a cheetah-dog. Until one day Best Mate is kidnapped by a greyhound trainer, and begins a new life as a champion race dog. Suzie, the greyhound trainer’€™s step-daughter, loves Best Mate on first sight and gives him a new name, Bright Eyes. But what will happen when he can’€™t run any more?