The Kites are Flying

Published: November 2009

ISBN: 9781406317985

A television reporter’s extraordinary experience in the West Bank reveals how children’s hopes and dreams for peace and unity can fly higher than any wall built to divide communities and religions.
Travelling to the West Bank to witness how life is for Palestinians and Jews living in the shadow of a dividing wall, journalist Max strikes up a friendship with an enigmatic Palestinian boy, Said. Together the two sit under an ancient olive tree while Said makes another of his kites. As Max is welcomed as a guest, he learns of the terrible events in the family’s past and begins to understand why Said no longer speaks.
Told from both Max’s and Said’s points of view, this is a beautiful tale of tragedy and hope with an ending that rings with joy.

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  • The Kites Are Flying (Korean)
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I think the kites are flying is a really depressing but BRILLIANT story/novel . I wish I could meet Said and tell him he is so so strong , Everyone should look up to him !! This book is an amazing sole searching book!

I love this book. It has inspired me to want to make a BOOK-TRAVELLING series of five books. I will do this for Animal Glory year.
  I wish I could meet Said and go back in time to save him, fly kites and hug him. He is lovely. It has the happiest ending.
  I think of the book constantly, now I have read it. I would love to fly my first kite!
  I read it in ONE GO! That is how I love to read my books.

The kites are flying is SPPECTACULAR it is deeply emotional.
It deficts a picture of total suffering that Palestinian children are going through. reading the story made me reflect on the tragic and painful situation. wars and conflicts are sheer misery for innocent children and it could be costly. i hope all children in the world and specially the kid of Palestine live a peaceful life.

This is a moving story about friendship and hope told through the diaries of an intrigued television reporter Max and a mute Palestinian shepherd boy, Said. The use of simple illustrations mean that pictures don't distract from the content of the fantabulously told story. As the tale unfolds, Max (and the reader) hears Said's tragic story develop, hearing about the events which have ultimately led to his inability to speak and why he finds solace in making kites. A heart rendering ending rounds off this sad but truly lovely story about universal dreams for hope and peace no matter what the language. Salaam. Shalom. A book that everyone needs to share with a loved one, spreading the message that anyone can achieve what they want.
The kites are flying is an AMAZING book about two children, who love to make kites. It reminds me of when I had one. 3 words I think of it* thrilling well thoughtout awesome Im inspired by mr morpurgos books, as i soon wish to be a writer. I love writing spooky stories.