Kaspar Prince of Cats

Age: 8+

Published: January 2010

ISBN: 9780007267002

Format: Paperback

Other editions

  • Ebook: 9780007385935
  • Audio CD: 9780007302130
  • Electronic Audio: 9780007435227
A Michael Morpurgo Month Pick!

Kaspar the cat first came to the Savoy Hotel in a basket - Johnny Trott knows, because he was the one who carried him in. Johnny was a bell-boy, you see, and he carried all of Countess Kandinsky’s things to her room.

But Johnny didn’t expect to end up with Kaspar on his hands forever, and nor did he count on making friends with Lizziebeth, a spirited American heiress. Pretty soon, events are set in motion that will take Johnny - and Kaspar - all around the world, surviving theft, shipwreck and rooftop rescues along the way. Because everything changes with a cat like Kaspar around. After all, he’s Prince Kaspar Kandinsky, Prince of Cats, a Muscovite, a Londoner and a New Yorker, and as far as anyone knows, the only cat to survive the sinking of the Titanic . . .

From Kensuke’s Kingdom to Running Wild, Twist of Gold to Dear Olly, Michael Morpurgo talks about the theme of voyages in his books.


  • Shortlisted Sheffield Children’s Book Award
  • Shortlisted Independent Booksellers’ Prize
  • Shortlisted Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award

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Download our wonderful Michael Morpurgo Month poster. This version is a smaller file, perfect for slower computers!

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Download our Michael Morpurgo Month guide now

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Download our wonderful Michael Morpurgo Month poster and celebrate a book a day in November

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Download the complete teacher resources pack now

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And I know that ALL the review say that. BUT I MEAN IT!!!!!
Oh how I hope I could meet you!!!!!

I want to read this book again.For me this is the best book.

Very good story I really enjoyed it. It is a bit sad and emotional but I still loved it!

I love the ending where he goes to the hotel again and sees the new bell boy and how much he’s changed. you told the story of the Titanic in a completely new way. i told everyone i to read this…my mum,dad and Nan say how amazing it is and how much they enjoyed it. thank you for being such a good writer and showing the world your skills as you have given me many hours of complete and utter pleasure!

this book is educational (because the titanic)  as well as enjoyable and adventurous

This book is good. I’ve read two chapters and love this amazing book.

I saw Michael tonight at a event in Royal Leamington Spa and bought this fantastic book with me as I love it so much!!!
Reading this changed how I think of the titanic and I absolutely love this book!

It is very sad about his owner that died and the Titanic sinking and stuff but I love it though

Wow what an amazing book! I really love it and I wish there was a sequel :}

I love this book because it is interesting

I really love cats so kasper was the first book I read and it sounded interesting to me so I wanted to catch up with the other books and I am still reading my next book is going to be DEAR OLLY and I forgot to say this THANKS FOR WRITING MANY INTRESTING BOOKS

Kaspar is sure a very, very amazing book, with the only cat to survive the sinking of the Titanic.

it made me cry don’t judge I’m a very emotional person!!

I haven’t read any of your books before and Kaspar Prince of Cats was the first and I loved it now I read your books every week even if it means re-reading them! keep it up Michael!

I loved this book so much!!! My favourite book of Morpurgo, and i’ve read many.  His ideas are wonderful, I can’t believe how he comes up with this ideas. Extremely incredible

I really like the book kaspar prince of cats because I love cats and I have 2 cats at home and 12 kittens at home

Kaspar was a brilliant book.  We all loved it to pieces and we enjoyed the fact that it had lots of cliffhangers at the end of chapters.  Our favourite character was Kaspar because he was funny and quite moody at times!

Makes me cry

I love this book u have to read it read.


kasper is a great book i loved it’s a page turner and i thought it was a great title of the titanic

My little one and I loved reading about Kaspar and his adventures on the Titanic. The only problem was we kept delaying lights out time because we couldn't put it down. There's just a bit more to it than the life of a cat!
I LOVED IT I thourght that reading this book was the best time of the hole mounth .My freind Daisy encouraged me into all of your books and I realy enjoy reading them especially kaspar prince of cats because I am a very big animal lover also I loved it because I thourght kaspar was going to die but kaspar is a very lucy cat but the good thing is your books are amazing and enjoyable to read !!!!!!!
When a poor victorian boy with no family, meets a powerful russian lady and her magical cat, it is obvious that Johnny will wonder if shes his mother. But when the Countess Kandinsky dies, Johnny's whole world is plunged into sadness. However, still has Kaspar the Prince of Cats to worry about who is grieving his owners death as much as Johnny himself. Will a rich, lively girl called Elizabeth change things? Will Johnny finally be free- will he go to America, on the finest ship in the world, the Titanic? This book was amazing in clarity and depth. It kept me on the edge on my seat throughout and kept me guessing untill the last page. Magical. I rate this book 5 stars.***** I have read this book a million times and cannot get bored of it.
I really enjoyed reading this with my daughter several times over. The theme of the cat running through the novel was a clever one - many people love cats and developing a story around one particular cat, whilst bringing alive the human characters too, was particularly inventive. The adventures are shared with the humans and brought alive through the eyes of the Kaspar. Lovely.
I really enjoyed reading this book. It was full description and adventure even though in some places it was a bit sad. It was very exciting and made you want to keep turning the page to read more. As well as being adventurous , exciting and descriptive it was also plausible and interesting. This is definitely my favourite Michal Morpurgo book.
This was the first Michael Morpurgo book I read. I began reading it because we were doing some work at school about the sinking of the Titanic. It was really interesting and fun to read about all of the different characters and it helped to bring the Titanic story to life. I also love animals and Kaspar was a lovely character. We are now reading Why the Whales Came which is a lot scarier than Kaspar but just as good to read.
All of your books are absolouting excellent, descriptive, intreguing and they make me want to read on for ever! Most kids are always attached to their phones these days, but even though I'm just an ordinary 12 year old girl I felt more attached to this book than I had anything else in the world! Words can't actually describe how much I love this book. My nanny was the one that got me this book and I fell in love with as soon as I opened it up. You also included the Titanic in it which I thought was excellent. Halfway through your book we started to learn about the Titanic at school! I thought this was great and I done really well and enjoyed learning about it thurrily. If I hadn't read this book, I dont think I would be reading now. It really inspired me to read, and proved to me that you can really got lost in your own little worlds when reading books. Kaspar has emotional sides in the story, but humour too. I think your books are outstanding, and they have really inspired me to be creative and write stories just like you. Please keep writing your wonderful stories because I love them lots.